When is the last time you went to a wedding reception? Take a minute and think about it. Go on, we'll wait. Ok, now that you've had some time to think, what do you remember? The colors, the food, the music, center pieces, people dancing, people cheering, the bride, the groom? You probably remember bits and pieces of each of these elements. The next question is, did you have fun? Take a minute and think about that. Ok stop, if you have to think about it then the answer is obviously no. Here at The PartyStage Co. we want that answer to be an immediate yes and not only a yes, but "Yes, it was one of the best wedding receptions I've ever been to." With that statement you have read our goal as a company, to make your wedding reception, the best reception anyone has ever been to. 

So how do we do that you might ask, well we could tell you, but its easier if you just take a look for yourself. Click Here for Galleries The PartyStage is an innovative idea that not only gets your guest engaged at the reception but also creates lasting memories for the bride and groom on a night that could be described as somewhat hectic and often times a blur. We come in, set up and then go to work. Taking the pictures is only half the battle, we want to make sure everyone is having the best time they possibly can. Take an assortment of props and wacky ideas mixed with two, very high energy photographers/entertainers, we guarantee that your wedding reception will be the talk of all your guests for weeks to come. It's fun for all ages and creates a photographic guestbook of the occasion. If you are interested in having The Party Stage at your next event, feel free to contact us for pricing.

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